Idaho 5-County Public-Safety Network

Etherstack Case Study

24 hours a day, for over a decade, more than 3500 police, fire and EMT crews across Idaho are dispatched to protect the community using an Etherstack APCO P25 digital trunked radio network.

This large multiagency network has 15 different public safety agencies spanning 5 counties with each agency connected to the network with their own console systems using the open standard TIA CSSI (console sub-system interface). Each agency is able to communicate with their own vehicles and officers independently on the multiagency P25 trunking system.

Additionally, this network has the world’s first (and now longest continually operating) TIA ISSI (inter RF-sub system interface) connecting the Idaho 5-County P25 network to another P25 vendor’s network located at the Idaho National Laboratories, the country’s premier nuclear research facility.

This large multiagency network used P25 repeaters from another vendor, leveraging Etherstack’s unique ability to build open standards based high availability P25 core networks utilizing a combination of new P25 infrastructure while also allowing public safety agencies the ability to “sweat their assets” and gain maximum return for their historical capital investments while moving them on a path to an open standards based P25 digital radio network.

This network has been operating flawlessly since 2009 with Etherstack providing 24x7x365 support and assisting individual agencies to onboard new P25 radio offerings from their own preferred vendors – not being forced to take on a single vendor offering.

This is the power of open standards and Etherstack continues to innovate in digital land mobile radio, contributing many of the latest new features within development of the APCO P25 TIA standards.

Reach out to us today and let us show you how to move your analog network to digital P25 in a cost effective and graceful way without disrupting your operations while retaining many of your existing assets until they are due to be replaced.

The successful deployment of the Idaho 5-County network led to the further deployment of Etherstack public safety networks at the state and federal level in the United States, Canada and the Pacific in subsequent years.