Defence Communications

Defence Technology for Modern Tactical Communications

Over the past two decades, the role of software in tactical communications has increased exponentially. This increases capability, but brings additional complexity in developing, acquiring, deploying, and using equipment and systems.

Etherstack helps manufacturers and defence organisations navigate this. We take responsibility for both the research and development of underlying components in a radio system, and for the integration and deployment of multi-vendor, multi-domain systems to achieve successful resilient, tactical end-to-end communications.

This allows our clients to concentrate on issues relevant to users, such as system requirements, procurement, delivery, training and sustainment.

Waveform Supplier

Etherstack is a recognised international specialist in waveforms, and licenses NATO waveforms, sovereign waveforms and waveforms for national security (P25/TETRA/DMR) to radio manufacturers and partner nations with access to the relevant standards. We also license sovereign waveform development tools, and provide waveform research, specification, development, integration and support services to our customers and partners in the United States, UK, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Etherstack works with all equipment vendors equitably. With over two dozen customers from the world’s leading radio manufacturers, and Etherstack waveforms ported to more than twenty radio platforms used in the field, Etherstack technology is proven to reduce costs and increase flexibility and interoperability in tactical communications.

Our aim is to provide dedicated technical support of the highest quality to our customers to enable successful outcomes, lower costs, reduce risk and enable the swift and agile deployment of systems and equipment in-field.

Radio System Integrator

Etherstack also has extensive experience in the integration of end-to-end secure voice, data and location services across complex radio system, C2, satellite and LTE domains. We both draw on Etherstack technology, our extensive portfolio of customers, and our local and international partners to integrate and deliver systems based on the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

Research and Technology for Resilient Communications

In addition to internationally significant expertise in waveform development (MANET/BLOS/LOS/P25/sovereign), digital signal processing and embedded software design for radio communications, Etherstack licenses all elements of a deployable communications system to the global communications industry, including MANET and centralised voice and data networks, radio transceiver designs, AES256 cryptography and key management; critical applications; and gateways for integration of radio, C2, 3GPP MCx, LTE and satellite systems.

We also undertake advanced research in resilient deployed communications for customers and partners in the UK, Europe, Australia and the United States.

International Reach

For over 20 years, Etherstack has maintained R&D and support centers in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan, allowing the company to be uniquely placed in scoping, building and deploying multinational defence projects with domestic resources.

To find out more, and to see how Etherstack can help with your defence communications needs, contact us here.