Mission-critical systems from Etherstack

Whether it is LTE, P25 or TETRA – Public Safety agencies depend on encrypted, secure and reliable communications to ensure the safety of their operations

Etherstack is also the world’s leading licensor of LMR technologies to other wireless equipment manufacturers, including Codan, Cisco, GDC4S, Icom, JVCKENWOOD, Harris, NEC Japan, Thales and Viavi to name just a few of our dozens of licensees across the globe. Our technology is found in almost every major brand of LMR equipment, including key management systems, air interface protocol stacks and switching gateways.

Some of the first and longest-term clients of Etherstack have included Public Safety agencies who have found our technology solutions, deployment capabilities, and support services have helped mitigate complexity in their communications systems and establish them as leaders in their fields.

End user clients of Etherstack in these industries include:

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