15/07/2022 Etherstack P25 tactical repeater achieves highest evaluation rating

In recent trials undertaken by the US National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL), the Etherstack SFFR-6 GoBox tactical repeater outperformed competitors to achieve the highest overall rating of a Portable Radio Repeater for use in indoor and subterranean environments.

The Etherstack SFFR-6 GoBox tactical repeater, which was tested using Icom IC-F7020T P25 portable radios, was evaluated in the five key areas of: capability, usability, deployability, maintainability, and affordability; achieving the highest rating as assessed by highly experienced evaluators from fire fighting, law enforcement and emergency management.

David Deacon, Etherstack CEO, said of the report “Etherstack have long made high quality P25 RF products as well as our software portfolio of communications protocol stacks and wireless communications network cores, and it is very gratifying for the Etherstack SFFR-6 GoBox tactical repeater to be publicly recognised by such a prestigious organization as the US NUSTL. We understand the difference rapidly deployable portable radio repeaters can make to first responders, emergency services and corporate clients needing affordable ad hoc radio coverage”.

The report by NUSTL is available for download here. Further details can be found on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) page here. The Etherstack SFFR-6 GoBox tactical repeater is available for immediate order. Contact Etherstack for more information.