LMR Networks

Best in class LMR network building blocks

Best in class LMR network building blocks

Source Your Waveform from Etherstack

Leaders in Commercial SDR Waveforms. Etherstack was the first company in the world to design, develop and supply wireless air interface protocol stacks (waveforms) as a specialist commercial activity. We have been developing waveforms for radio manufacturers and defense clients internationally for over ten years – since the outset of commercial Software Defined Radio (SDR) – and we pioneered many unique techniques key to hardware abstraction and successful SDR waveform development.

Without correct waveform design, the real value of SDR – software reusability, upgradeability and portability – cannot be achieved.

Unique Capabilities – Etherstack have developed proprietary techniques to achieve swift, cost efficient waveform development and design excellence. These capabilities are proven. Our aim is to minimise our customers’ costs, risk and time to market, whilst providing world-leading software that is uniquely flexible, portable, reusable and maintainable – and can be optimised for best performance on any potential small form factor embedded radio platform.

Etherstack’s SDR waveform engineers are expert in commercial SDR waveform design best-practice and in wireless communications standards such as WiMAX, UMTS/LTE, cdma2000, APCO P25, TETRA/TEDS and military wireless specifications.

Outsource Your Risk. Control your development time and costs – Etherstack have never failed to deliver a waveform according to the original fixed development price. Ongoing support and services are included in this.

Some of our waveforms may suit a client’s needs off-the-shelf. Usually however, a waveform is tailored to the individual requirements of a client to ensure proprietary features are incorporated, and the client is not paying for waveform features they will not use.

Military SDR Waveforms

Radio is Changing. Etherstack’s technology heralds new flexibility in radio communications.

At the moment, the behaviour of a radio network is decided when it is manufactured, planned and built. It is unable to adapt to the communications needs of its participants when it is actually used.

On-The-Fly System Configuration – Etherstack specialises in two progressive technologies – interchangeable waveforms for the radio, and multi-protocol cross-banding networks – to allow our clients to build systems in which communication between equipment that differs in vendor, RF frequency or air interface protocol can be forged after the system has been deployed. System capabilities can also be changed over time via software upgrade, without upgrading hardware.


Reconfiguration and the Software Communications Architecture

Etherstack’s waveforms intrinsically maximise the benefits of SDR, and our focus is providing waveforms to manufacturers building commercial base stations, mobiles and small form-factor handheld radios to allow them to reap the practical benefits of reusable, maintainable code.

Porting a well designed waveform to the SCA is straightforward. All of our waveforms are available in a native form for regular SDR radio platforms, and an SCA-ported form for SCA platforms. Our automated test environment is also fully compatible with the SCA, allowing testing of all SCA waveform resources across their SCA ports both on and off the hardware platform.

High-profile Etherstack SCA waveform contracts include provision of our SCA-ported TETRA Mobile waveform to the Swedish Defense Ministry (FMV) as part of the international program of the U.S. DoD JTRS project and deployment of our P25 Mobile/Handheld waveform (with Type 3 encryption) on the SCA Harris Red/Black Falcon III radio.

We also offer bespoke configuration and waveform interchange mechanisms if required.

For more information on Etherstack Custom Waveform Specification and Development, see here.