Migration from UK share register to Australian CDI register

Instructions for Shareholders. 

Share Holders

Shares held on Etherstack plc UK share register cannot be traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). These shares must be converted into CDIs which can be readily traded on the ASX. The instructions below convert a holding from the UK share register to the Australian CDI register.


The following process will enable you to convert your shares into CDIs which can be traded on the ASX. Please complete this form and send to Computershare UK with the original UK share certificate. The information in the table below will help you to complete the form.

Information Sought Response or Guidance
The full name of the security: Etherstack plc
The description of the security: 0.4p Fully paid ordinary share
Number to be converted There is no requirement to convert all shares to CDIs – enter as many of your shares as you wish to convert
Ratio of Shares:CDIs is: 1:1
Name and address that securities have been withdrawn from: Enter the name and address exactly as is shown on your share certificate
Contact Details: Your name and contact number in case there are questions in processing the transfer


CDI Issuance

Are the CDIs to be registered in CHESS? CHESS is the computerised share registry and settlement system operated by the ASX. Under the CHESS Settlement Facility there are no share certificates and transfer of shares are effected electronically. For your holdings to be registered in the CHESS Settlement Facility you need to be sponsored by a broker.

The alternative is to be issuer sponsored, in which case your shares are registered by the company and you are assigned a Shareholder Reference Number.

You do not need to have made arrangements with a broker in order to convert your shares to CDIs, however you must have made arrangements with a stockbroker and have either a CHESS HIN or an Issuer sponsored SRN before you are able to sell your CDIs on the ASX. When you contact a broker and enter into an agreement with them, you will generally be encouraged to be registered in the CHESS system.

If you are registered in the CHESS system you will be assigned a Holder Identification Number (HIN). A HIN is a reference number assigned to a shareholder registered in the CHESS system and is used as a common reference for all shares held by that shareholder. If you have a HIN, then you should tick the ‘Yes’ box and enter your HIN and the Chess PID of your broker.

If you do not have a HIN, then tick the ‘No’ box and you will be assigned a Shareholder reference number (SRN). You will need to quote this number when you instruct a broker to sell your CDIs on the ASX. If you have a broker then you should enter their name and contact details in the fields ‘CHESS Participant Firm name’ and ‘Chess participant Contact name and Telephone number.’

If you do not have a broker, this ASX webpage provides a listing of Australian brokers who can complete a buy or sell instruction for you.

Ord Minnett have offered to assist Etherstack’s non-Australian shareholders to sell their shares. The process will be as follows:

  • The shareholder will need to complete the one-off sale form (this means they can sell without setting up an account). This can be done over the phone as the shareholder does not have to sign the form.
  • The shareholder will also need to provide 100 Points of identification. This will need to be certified and emailed/posted through to us. This can be drivers license/passport and a recent utility bill.
  • Once the trade settles, we can organise an automatic FX conversion and a funds transfer into the CDI holder’s UK bank account. The conversion will be done at the retail spot price on the day of settlement and the cost of conversion and funds transfer will be $20AUD. This $20AUD will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale and the remainder will be transferred to the UK bank account. Some UK bank accounts may charge an admin fee when receiving these transfers.
  • Standard brokerage rate is 1%, however Ord Minnett are flexible if the order is large.

Ord Minnett can be contacted via:
Boe Campion
Private Wealth Adviser
(02) 8216 6733
(02) 8216 6311
[email protected]

Postal Address
The postal address for sending the completed form and original share certificate is:

Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS13 8AE